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Restoring Confidence in Wyoming's Elections

Through Transparency, Accountability and Honesty

The Wyoming Election Integrity PAC is a non-partisan grassroots-group of concerned citizens from throughout the state of Wyoming who have been working together and within their own counties to ensure our elections are honest, secure, accurate, and transparent. 

Understanding Our Elections System

Hand Counting is the Golden Standard.


Why do we trust “technology” to count the most important and fundamental Constitutional right given to the American citizen? Is it the voters’ job to prove our elections are not secure? Or is it our elected officials’ jobs to prove they are? As our law is currently written, neither voters nor elected officials can prove anything. This is a glaring problem.  Understand the following evidence, and we think you will agree. Our election laws MUST be changed to provide for transparent, honest, accurate, and accountable elections.

Welcome aboard. We can do this!

Vulnerabilities to Cyber Attacks

This video shows how a cyber expert, Rick Wiebel, was able to demonstrate for a group of South Dakota Commissioners, in just 4 minutes and 10 seconds, how easy it is to hack into ES&S systems using his own, unauthorized computer. The very informative interview starts at 3:15 and the short demonstration starts at 10:55:
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Made in China

Hardware components on our election equipment are manufactured in China.

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Hand Counting is Simple, Safe, & Accurate

Hand Counting is fast, accurate, inexpensive, and completely transparent all while protecting the privacy of voters.   Hand Counting is NOT rocket science.  Don’t let them tell you otherwise.  There are various ways to do it.   This is one of them.

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Additional Information & Resources

Legislative Reform

Secretary of State Chuck Gray has been pushing hard to simply harden up election registration rules. Certain legislators who, for unfathomable reasons, are satisfied with the status quo, and are fighting the Secretary on every level. It is unconscionable. The more we know, the harder we can push for real legislative reform.

Registration & Voting

Important! Be sure you check with your County Clerk. Are you properly registered to vote? If you did not vote in the last election, your name has been removed from the voter rolls. Get yourself registered with your proper address so you can VOTE ON THE DAY OF ELECTIONS. Your County Clerks will assist you. Give them a call.

Mon Aug 5, 2024: Voter Registration Closes For Primary Election. Check the calendar for special district elections and other important dates:

More Info on ES&S

We hear more about Dominion than we do about ES&S.   They are very similar:


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